Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Blogging Gals Meet-Up

I’ve followed Blogging Gals for a while now on my Instagram, and the opportunity of a meet-up came along, so I decided to take the bull by the horns and go along to the meet up.
I went along with my friend who is a beauty blogger, and we meet up with Zaineb (The Blogging Gals Founder), and some lovely blogger ladies!

We chatted for a while, about all sorts, and it was really nice to sit and chat with other like-minded bloggers.
It even inspired me to get back on to twitter, and actually use it!

I also tasted the most AMAZING cupcake ! Like seriously… I love a good cupcake as all females do… but I’m so picky when it comes to icing on the top, I always find that is looks so pretty but ends up tasting YUCK!... But this cupcake looked and tasted AMAZING !!!! Pink and Tasty ! (I would have taken a picture… but I ate it first).
Cupcakes by MissCupCakes

I also meet the owner of the business Ultimate Collections, a lovely woman who also gave us each a little gift. I got a 2 pairs of nice earring, which I will be wearing for sure when I find an outfit to compliment them (always an excuse to shop for more clothes).

It was my first blogger meet up, and definitely not my last. I left feeling so inspired, and I love the fact we were all a bunch of woman just there to talk and help each other get better.

I have to give a big thank you to Zaineb and all the other lovely and talented ladies I met that day.

Links for all their pages below:

-Loca x

Mother & Baby Event - More Reasons To Shop At Morrisons

 Monday morning after doing the school run before work, I had time to pop into Morrisons. I literally wanted to pop into the store to get some nappies for Jayden.. Only 1 packet.

Anyways it ended up that I came at the right time, because its currently the Mother&Baby Event going on.
I got a whole load of bargains for Jayden.

Firstly the active fit size 5 nappies were 2 for 8.50. They also had 111 nappies for £18, which I would have bought if I the box wasn’t so huge and I had less items.
So I may even go back before it ends to stock up on them.

Bepanthen is £2 for a standard sized tube, which as a mother to a boy still in nappies I go through like no-mans business.  (Also good for tattoo-lovers, because to stock up on these, because after getting a tattoo done this is the only thing I even use to help the healing process).

£1 for a packet of Mickey Mouse Nappies, I didn’t need them, but at that price and my Son loves ‘mousey’, I got a packet or two.

They also had a great load of Disney merchandise aswell, from baby brushes and combs to plates, knifes and forks. Starting from £1, they have loads of items for little kiddies.

Besides Disney, they had loads of deals on fairy liquid, Johnsons baby toiletries as well as highchairs, and potty training items.

Go and enjoy the event yummy mummies !

-Loca x

Blue Mickey Mouse Plate - £1 

(My Little Hand Model)

Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Hair Alert

Red Hair Don't Care

My new 18"inch protective hair style for the next few weeks to enjoy.
Keeping my curls under control, hoping that some growth will come out of this.

-Loca x

This quote speaks volumes to me. I love Oscar Wilde quotes in general, somehow they always relate.
But this one is my current situation to a tee.

I've been thinking, and us mummy's should dress to impress! I get we all have the lazy days and nothing but pyjama's seem right to wear, BUT other days.. why not flaunt that post-baby body.
Wearing jeans and a t'shirt and adding some heels to it when doing the school run isn't being over-dressed it's just making you feel confident in yourself. We always want to dress our little kiddies in the cutest and nicest clothes, so why shouldn't we do the same for ourselves, making an effort for both mumma and baby.

And being over-educated isn't possible. Keep learning and growing in life.
I have a degree in media production, and I am going to use my skills that I have learnt over the years, but i'm now looking forward to my new goal in my life. Starting a career as a hairdressers, now this is not a short term thing, I know it will take me years to get to where I want to be but I will get there and I will achieve this for my son.

So have a blessed day.
Dress to Impress, and Keeping Thinking.

-Loca x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Curly Hair | Baby Hair Products

Recently I've posted about curly hair products but none for little ones.
The reason I haven't posted about the product I bought about 2/3 ago is because I've been testing it out on Jayden's hair and making sure that it's a good product and not just on first time use but over a period of time.

The verdict is .. 
I LOVE the curlykids hair range !

Love Love Love!

Not only does it smell AMAZING it also works so well.
I've used the lotion for a while on jays hair as feature in a previous post, but now I've decided to try other products like the shampoo and conditioner.

They sell it at my local hair shop for £2.99  per bottle. An average price for a bottle and it lasts a long time if you don't over do it when putting it in the hair.

I do a usual shampoo wash and condition, and I run my fingers though the hair when it's got conditioner in it to detangle and set the curl pattern.

Jayden hasn't got that much hair compared to other kiddies but I want his curls to be in tip top condition. Since using it I have noticed growth and the texture is super soft.

Both products are paraben and sulfate free.

- Loca x

Monday, 19 January 2015

Curly Hair | Shampoo

Apart from Twisted Sista, I have also found a new shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.
Yaaaay more products !!!
This is Garnier.. Widely available , and supposedly for " British weather " ... Every occasion in 1 day, wind rain sun the whole thing. Usually leading to frizz with curly hair.

Introducing Ultimate Blends : The Sleek Restorer Collection.

Including Shampoo, Conditioner and a 1 minute Treatment.

It has coconut oil and cocoa butter init.
Coconut oil is the big thing for curly hair at the moment aswell. 

My favourite is the treatment though, it leaves my hair feeling super soft after using it.
At first I thought ' no way is this treatment gunna do anything after 1 minute in the hair' but WOW it actually worked !!!
When I'm in a rush, I wash my hair with just the shampo, stick the treatment in my hair leave for a minute, then I just wash it out and go. Leaving my hair to feel amazing for the rest of the day, with an added twisted Sista 30 second spray on my hair after its dried out.

An oil has recently come out aswell so I'm defo going to buy that next to see how it works, it's from the same range so I'm hoping it will work wonders too.

Available in most supermarkets, and online.

- Loca x

Curly Hair | Twisted Sista Collection

A few of my favourite curly hair products by urban:therapy - twisted sista

I've had this brand for quite a few years now, it was probably the first curly hair product I found sold in a supermarket.
Usually I'm not one stick to a product for so long but on and off as the brand has expanded from just shampoo and conditioner I'm using it more regularly especially as I'm not straightening my hair as much anymore and trying to get my curls back.

This is the de-frizz shampoo and conditioner but in a small travel size version.

Step 1:
I use these bottles both generously to get the most out of the product.

Step 2:
Towel dry my hair, then use a pea-size amount of curl define cream on to my hair.
Then either defuse or naturally dry for softer effect.
Tip- Don't use too much or your hair can become crispy when dry naturally.

Step 3:
Once dry and styled or the next day.
Spray a generous amount on to curls and it will keep the curls frizz free and revitalise hair.
Now it has the added Argan in the product, I love it even more !

Curls after the shampoo and conditioner then the curl definer cream.

Curls after the 30 second spray, soft and bouncy. 
As you can see in the bottom right corner of the picture , that's how it sprays on to the hair a whitish colour, so just rub it in without fingers and it will soon sink into the curls.. No white marks are left.

Available at major supermarkets, hair shops and online in the UK.

-Loca x