Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tatted Up Mama

This is a post which I have been wanting to do for a while, but when it comes to tattoo's there are so many things to say, I had to decide what to write now and save for another day in a future post.

I found these quotes on Pinterest, and they hit the nail on the head for me.
Now i've been getting tattoo's since I was 16, thats 7 years. Considering its been such a long time, I don't actually think I have that many, but to others 'you have so many, oh my gosh'.

Anyway, now i'm a mum, I always get the odd comment on my tattoo's. Me having tattoo's has NOTHING to do with my "skills" in motherhood. I love my son more than words can even express, and when people try to judge me upon my tattoo's it annoys me to the highest level.

Every single one of my tattoo's has a story behind it, they all have a meaning, and I love every single one. I don't regret them, and I don't see myself in the future regretting them either.

My favourite one is my latest one, I got it for my Son, his name, with a clock and the time he was born. I'm not the type to get a typical tattoo, I try to design them all myself, switching up one design to make it more 'me'. (Below Right)

One day, my son is going to ask me about all my tattoo's, and I will tell him all the stories behind them, each has it's own significant story, and reflect past experiences.
I think a part of me uses tattoo's as a healing process for certain situations, I look at them, and see how much I have grown from the time I had them done. At the end of the day, I wouldn't go through the pain of a tattoo for no reason.

I'm a mum who has tattoo's and i'm proud of that and I wouldn't change that. When my son is old enough to understand I want him to be proud, and I will teach him not to judge people by the way they look, and not to let society change his views on what 'normal' looks like.

-Loca x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I turned 23 on saturday, and I had the best time.
Firstly at midnight I got a surprise cake from my work, and in the evening another cake from them, then I celebrated my birthday out in the evening Cafe De Paris, in Piccadilly Square.
I put myself on the guestlist a few days before, entry was £15 before 11. Typical I got there after 11, so it was £20 but it wasn't hard to get into.
I don't go out raving often so it was a nice chance to go out and let my hair down.
The music played was a mix between R&B, Commercial, and House music, honestly the DJ wasn't great, he had the right songs but just couldn't mix them together correctly, starting enjoying one song he changes to an opposite genre within a minute.
The toilets were RUBBISH !.. small, blocked and dark.
But besides that, it was a good night with some good friends.


Dress-  'Alana' from Celeb Boutique £109.99
Shoes - Autumn by Carvela Kurt Gieger £100
White Clutch - GiGi NewYork (previous post)

-Loca x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Mother Goose Review - Theatre Night

On thursday Jayden, Anthony and myself went to see Mother Goose at the Hackney Empire.

It was a 7pm showing, and the show lasted about 2 and half hours. Considering I haven't been to Christmas Panto in years, I didn't realise it would be so long, but saying that, Jayden watched the whole show start to finish with amazement at all the lights and sounds.
I would personally recommend if you are going with younger kids, to go to the earlier shows in the early afternoon.
Also we sat up in the circle section of the theatre, which I thought were the best seats for younger kids such as Jayden's age, as he could see everything, but the sound's from the live band were not too loud for his little ears, and the lights weren't too close to his eyes either, so luckily we had greats seats.

I hadn't done too much research into the cast before hand, which I usually would do, but this time I just went with the flow.
I knew the amazing Clive Rowe was playing Mother Goose, so I knew it would it be a good show.
He really was AMAZING !!!!... And his voice is a joy to listen to aswell. He played the character so well, and his current jokes were hilarious and improv with the audience made the show even better.

Without saying too much about the show, the way the show related the shows to the location of the show, for example 'Vicky Parkia' and 'Dalstonia'.
The show was also very current and relevant with the songs used and language spoken. I didn't expect a group of skeletons to be doing the Nay Nay or 3 fairy-tail characters to start singing Bang Bang.
I was surprised how much I related to the show considering I am 22, and Pantos are usually directed for children.

A character that had my laughing from the bottom of my belly was Frightening Freddie played by Darren Hart, he was a young, nigerian, phone-crazy guy who was 1 of the 2 "baddies". With his funny one-liners, dances and selfies, it really brought current life to a traditional Panto.

A surprise character which I didn't expect to be in it, was a Hackney Empire regular who I have seen a few times over the years, was Kat B, who played Billie Goose. Typical style came in the scene riding an elephant, singing 'money supermarket' like the advert with a kid in an afro-wig next to him.
He acting was amazing, especially as one of the leads, and he's character really came out making the audience laugh and warm to him straight away.

All the other actors were amazing to say the least. In particular Sharon D Clarke, and Susie McKenna have amazing voices and stage presence.

The Goose, how can I forget it, Jayden loved the goose, saying Quack Quack when he first saw it, being in a big bird suit for 2 and half hours could not be easy. It was played well, even though it didn't actually speak words, the sparkly sounds instead of speaking really worked well.

Now, as a family we all really enjoyed our night out. The writers, directors and production team of that show really desire the success of the show because it truly is a show worth seeing.
Weather your are an adult or child, you will really enjoy the show.

I would 100% recommend you and your family to go and see the show!

10/10 from Me, Jayden and Anthony.

Prices start at £10- £32 with booking fee on top.
Any information about the show Click Here .

At Hackney Empire Theatre, Hackney, East London
Closest Station : Hackney Central, via London Overground.
Buses: 277, 55, 48, 38, 242, 254, 106.

- Loca x

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

No More Boobs :(

So Jayden has not had breast milk for about a month now.

When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed, I researched all about it, and although I was classed as a 'younger mum' that didn't stop me from this decision.
I knew I would have to mix-feed eventually because at the time, I would be going back to university in october only 3 months after he was born roughly.
At first in my head, I said I would only breastfeed for 3 months, then that past, and it got to 6 months, then 'when he has teeth', then 1 year. I just kept coming up with excuses, so I decided that at the stage of 'talking' it was the right time for us to both give up on the boob.

I loved breastfeeding, I think its such a natural beautiful thing, and the bond between me and Jayden is so strong, the one-on-one time really did make such a difference.

Anyway, when I went to uni, Jayden happily mix-fed with Hipp Organic Formula Milk, the only milk that he would take it, and that it was organic just made it even more better. Despite the long days, and massive boobs full of milk by 6pm, slowly my body adjusted to it, and giant leaky boobs soon became a thing of the past.

Fast-forward to the stage that I decided to stop breastfeeding, I decided not to just cut it out completely, as he wouldn't understand why one day he can have it, and the next he can't. So for about a week or 2, I did just morning and evening having breast milk. During the day I would give just bottles of whole milk, by 1 years old Jayden had moved on to whole milk.
Then the next 2 weeks after, I cut out the evening feeds, and he adjusted well, so it was only the morning feeds I had to cut out.
This was probably the hardest part to cut out, partly my fault being lazy, instead of going downstairs to make a bottle, it was simply easier to get it out and feed, but then I decided it had to end. I put my laziest behind me, and success ! After a month, Jayden doesn't even bat an eyelid at my boobs and think 'milk', if he wants milk, he will just moan or say 'milk'.

It wasn't as hard to give up the feeding as I imagined. I'm glad I didn't rush into stopping it, and it happened at the right time for both him and me.

Next Stage is Potty Training, but we've still got a little while until we need to think about that.

-Loca x

Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Motivation

A quote I found on Pinterest and liked.
Keep building that foundation.

-Loca x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Day Out With The Toddlers

I met up with my fellow toddler mummy friend Susannah, and we decided to take the kids out for a fun-packed day together.
Considering we live in London it's actually quite difficult to find a toddler friendly place to go, as they are both running about, it needs to be a nice open spaced safe place with pram-access to get to.
After looking online, I found the TFL museum in Covent Garden.

Jayden loves all things transport; cars, buses, trains the whole lot!

From East London we got the train to Waterloo on the Jubilee Line.
I found that Waterloo Station was the easiest step-free access station to the museum, although there are closer stations, such as Charing Cross and Covent Garden.
From Waterloo, we walked over the bridge and crossed the road and followed the signs to Covent Garden and the Museum was on the corner of Covent Garden.

Entry for the Museum was £15.00, that included a annual pass and free optional GiftAid, so we can go again as many times as we like within the next year; in the long run, the price is worth it because we will be going again in the near future. Jayden's entry was free too as he was under a certain age.

We went in, they had a buggy park, so we left our buggy's (at our own risk of course), and went around looking at all the transport from Old Trains to The Future of Trains.

The kids loved the day, and they ran around like wild things, pressing all sorts of buttons and just being kids and having fun.

Writing this now, Jayden is warn out sleeping beside me.

After we went to the museum, we headed back to SouthBank, and had a meal at Las Iguanas, my favourite child-friendly restaurant (bar Nandos).

And then on our way home, we happened to catch a glimpse of the Fireworks, which from afar Jayden LOVED ! He loved all the colours and sounds, giggling and smiling.

Here's A Few Pictures From Our Day Out.

- Loca x

November Birthday Wish List

Seeing as my 23rd birthday is coming up at the end of the month, I thought I would do a little wish list.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera - White: £69.99  Click Here

2. Esra Knee-high suede boots - Black: £195 Click Here

3. Canon IXUS 265 Compact Digital Camera - Pink: £119.99 Click Here

4. A toddler-friendly car

5. B. Balenciaga Perfume 50ml: £66.50 Click Here

6. Boy London- 1976 Hockey Jersey Dress- Black&Red: £70.00 Click Here

7. Animal Jacquard Top & Pencil Skirt: Top £30.00, Skirt £25.00 Click Here And Here

8. Black Woven PVC High Spirit Theft-Proof Bag: £85.00 Click Here

9. Reebok Freestyle Hi Spirit Trainers- Red Size 4: £57.00 Click Here

Thats All That Loca Wants; Links Included for All Items Above

- Loca x