Monday, 18 August 2014

White SnakeSkin Clutch

Other item I previously said I would post about.
I am a bag lover, I literally have so many bags its ridiculous, all different shapes, colours and sizes.
I bought some white snakeskin style court heels from Bershka last winter, and I never really got to wear them except when I was in South Africa, so when I got my graduation dress, I decided to get the white snake courts out.
I needed a bag to go with, and I looked everywhere, online and all the high street stores aswell.
Eventually after typing in everything I could think so, I found a website that sells leather snakeskin style white clutch bags.

GiGi NewYork

My Matching Shoes and Bag Combo

 This is the bag, it was in dollars, so it was around 105 dollars which was around 70 pound or so.
It fits my iPad mini inside, so I now use this bag day to day, so its worth the money I paid.
It looks small but it has a large amount of space inside it.

I also got the option to personalise the bag(which I loved), I love bespoke items.
With my initials stamped in a gold colour print , it was a cute added touch to the clutch.

Shipping from the US to London, took about 5-7 days roughly with FEDEX, which I paid for extra.
I had a bit of problem in the beginning which my order payment, but after emailing to confirm it, I got a response within 24 hours and the problem fixed straight away, with a friendly and helpful reply back it's a company I would use again.

I love the website, and all the items, I could have bought way more than I need.
For a link to the clutch section of their website Click Here .

-Loca x

YSL Lipstick

As said in a previous post, I spoke about my YSL lipstick which I wore to my graduation.
I fell in serious LOVE/LUST with this lipstick.

Now i'm not one for a Red Lipstick, firstly because I can never find the correct shade for my skintone.
But this one, it was like lust at first touch.
I tried a bobbi brown shade, but the red ended up looking really tacky, and slightly 'slutty red'.
So I went over to the YSL counter in John Lewis (knowing its going to cost me a bit, but it was for my graduation and I felt I earned it so I wasn't too bothered with price).
I tried on this shade; 14 of the Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick, and it was the right shade.
First it comes in a sexy little gold box with YSL in red on the front, so its just a sexy lipstick to own.

Engraved into the lipstick is the YSL logo on, and the red is so sleek.

Here it is on my lips, I took like 50 pictures to show you all the shade, and I ended up with the one I was messing about with my camera with.

The picture really doesn't even give the colour justice, but its a really nice red, it stays on for HOURS !
Feels super soft on my lips, defo 10/10.
I also use a lipcote on top of the lipstick to keep the colour from smugging and staining things whilst wearing it.

The YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick; Shade 14 is priced at £25.

Available Here or From John Lewis Department Stores.

-Loca x

My Graduation

The time came to graduate and I was so excited ! 
I got my outfit about 3 weeks before, a classic white knee-length dress with lace detail. It was from Karen Millen and I got it in the sale, I love their range of clothes as they fit my petite body shape very well.
I also wore white python print shoes, and a matching clutch, the clutch I got from America with my initials personalised on it- GiGi New York. ( Review on that to come). I then splurged on a YSL red lipstick , which I LOVE ! (Review on that coming up too).

On to Jayden's outfit, I got from Mamas and Papas, In the sale (RESULT), stripy trousers, tie and a blazer(which he didn't end up wearing as it was too hot), and a white shirt from next. Teamed with his Jordan's he already had.

It was a wonderful day ! And so amazing that I could have my beautiful boy there to watch me graduate from being just a bump whilst in class.

I hope I can inspire him, to be able to do what he wants in life as a career and to succeed in his dreams !

-Loca x

River Island; Fav Item Of The Month

I love River Island as a shop for myself, but now with a little one, when I shop for myself online I always drift to the baby section first.

I love these black acid wash jeans.
£10 from the river island website click here  to find the exact jeans below.

Thats my item of the month, it's defo one of my next items to buy for my Jayden.
Perfect Combo to go with a t-shirt and trainers.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Simple DIY Shaker

All you need is a bottle and some dry pasta.

A simple shaker that will keep a little person occupied for hours !

Wash an old bottle and leave it to dry out.

Then all you have to do is put the pasta into the bottle, and secure the lid tightly and VOILA ! All done.
Try adding some dye to the pasta with some food colouring, let it dry, then pop it into the bottle to add some colour to the shaker.
Rice is also a good alternative to pasta.

Then let the little ones add some stickers to the bottles to make them personal.

It a simple, cheap DIY shaker.

Monthly Update

It's been a whole month, since I last blogged !
Busy MUMMY alert !

I have been doing lots of bit of bobs over the past month, and i've been neglecting the blogger side of me. But i'm back.. with my iPad at the ready to do lots of on-the-go blogging.

-Loca x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Yeah.. I'm Late.. La La La


1 afternoon whilst Jayden was sleeping, and I was bored, I went of Sky Demand and decided to find out what all the bother about Scandal was about.
About 5 Days On and Off (Could have been 2, but I had baby duties as a mama), and 2 seasons later, I am patiently waiting for season 3 to start at the end of July.

I heard how great it was all over Instagram and Facebook, but I had plenty of other things to do.
But now 1 year in, I'm in control.. (well kind of), so I can now watch Scandal with the corner of my eyes and play Lego with Jayden at the same time. Then get really into it when he's sleeping.

The reason I mention this is because when I was in my last few weeks of pregnancy all I wanted to do was eat, sleep and watch TV. Trying to find something to past the time until the baby arrives, Scandal is a good series to get into, it took me a few episodes to get into it, but after about 3 I was hooked.

I won't say to much about it, but it's about Olivia Pope, a former media consultant to the president. And all the Secrets and Scandals around the White House really, I'll let you find out the rest.

So if you are like me, and like to bulk watch series, or netflix series or just late like me, catch up on season 1 and 2 of Scandal.

Sky Demand, and I think Netflix too.


-Loca x